Unleash the Potential of Teachers and Students

Observe Classroom Behaviour, Tag Actions and Analyse in Real-Time.

How Does It Work?

Design a Checklist

Observe and Tag Key Moments

Review Collected Data

Share Findings

Design Your Checklist

What do you consider to be good teaching practice? Codimg is an extremely versatile tool which can be adapted to any type of classroom scenario. Creating a customised evaluation tool is easy and intuitive.

Observe and Tag Key Moments

Watch teachers and students live or streamed and tag key moments. Tagged actions synchronise automatically with video where they can be reviewed at the click of a button.

Review and Evaluate Collected Data

Use our intuitive timeline to see all tagged actions connected to video and access related clips. Compile and review data using the Data Matrix tool to get a comprehensive overview of learning scenarios. Extract real meaning from your video analysis and find examples of good teaching practice or where development is needed.

Share Findings

Create video presentations which provide objective evidence of observations. Use the Dashboard tool to turn raw data into meaningful, eye-catching charts and graphs which are connected to videos and generated automatically by Codimg.

Easy to Use

Click or tap buttons to tag key classroom moments

Immediate Synchronisation

Synchronise footage with tags to get the insights you need

Dynamic Sessions

Speed up revision, evaluation and feedback sessions with immediate access to videos

Codimg View

iPhone / iPad app for mobile analysis


  • Easy tagging.
  • Review video without stopping filming.
  • Live streaming to other devices.
  • Bring analysis to life with illustrations and graphics.


Codimg Desktop

Synchronise videos with tagged actions for immediate review. Create databases of stored information.


  • Adaptable checklist template.
  • Tag actions live, streamed or post-event.
  • Live review without stopping filming.
  • Dashboard for statistical graphs and charts.
  • Professional presentations.
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