What is video performance analysis?

Video analysis allows you to assess and improve the performance of different daily processes, by analysing observable parameters and creating data that is linked to your videos. Performance analysis tools offer professionals from different fields the chance to evaluate behaviours, by providing them with quality information that can be used to make better decisions and understand performance

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This video will show you what the Codimg software can do for you and how can it help your activities to improve. Take a look to better understand what we do.

How does it work?

codimg video analysis cycle
codimg video analysis cycle

The benefits you obtain with Codimg



Analyse your performance faster and better

From your actions, discover performances in a quick, easy and organised fashion without the needs of conventional video editing software.

Extract quality information

Our software will provide you with objective data of your performance, both qualitative and quantitative, ordered according to your analysis needs so that you can easily extract the things you are most interested in. 

Make better decisions

Information extracted from your video will allow you to make better decisions. It will help you to improve your future performances.

Work with your data

You will be able to compare actions, draw on them and use many other tools to make your analysis workflows more comfortable.

Share your analysis

You will be able to share your analysis with others both directly within the software or by producing a video with your analysis to present on other devices.

All levels and budgets

Codimg has three different software with incredible performance-price ratio available for you, whatever your level, whatever your budget.

Our video analysis software

Our suite of products has been developed with the aim to offer performance analysis solutions for all levels and budgets

  • Use up to 50 different parameters or variables
  • Combine parameters and variables for a deeper analysis
  • Create a summary or final video of your event
  • Tag your events in real time or from a video file
  • Compare actions
  • Make drawings on your videos
  • Show tags in one view
  • Create powerful visual stats with charts and labels
  • Stream stats to other devices
features Codimg Lite video analysis

All Lite features and:

  • Use unlimited parameters or variables
  • Summary or final video with actions from unlimited videos
  • Tag your events without video source
  • Use 2 video angles of one event
  • Show tags from up to 5 different videos in one view
  • Create unlimited visual stats with charts and labels
features Codimg Advanced video analysis

All Advanced features and:

  • Summary or final video with actions from unlimited videos
  • Real time review
  • Use up to 4 video angles of one event
  • Search actions from multiple analysis
  • Show tags from unlimited videos in one view
  • Create visual stats from different videos in one dashboard
  • Stream videos, drawings & stats to other devices
Features Codimg Premium video analysis

Review is a 'read-only' software. It does not allow you to capture video, analyse events or export videos. All data used must come from other video analysis programs. With Review, You can do the following:

  • Open analysis made with other software
  • Open summaries or final videos made with other software
  • Create summary or final video with actions from one video
  • Compare actions
  • Make drawings on your videos
  • Show tags from unlimited videos in one view
  • View unlimited visual stats made with other Codimg software
  • Search engine of actions in detail
Features Codimg Review video analysis

What our clients say about us

See what some of our users say about our company and products.

Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker
AAC / ICT Coordinator. Exeter House School
"Affordable and versatile software"
Ian Simpson
Ian Simpson
CEO –The Edge– Performance Analysis
"Made my job easier"
Catherine Burnett
Catherine Burnett
"Present information in an illustrative way"

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