UNEATLANTICO incorporates Codimg into Translation and Interpreting classes

The European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO)
in Santander has begun using Codimg video analysis software, to evaluate behaviors in real time with students studying for degrees in Translation & Interpretation and Applied Languages.

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For UNEATLANTICO professor, Dr Pedro Castillo , the tool: "Completes an existing gap in the analysis of nonverbal language and helps to systematize communication guidelines such as look, shifts of position and gestures."

Having the ability to record their actions allows students to work on first-hand examples in real time. This has proved valuable for analyzing their own activity and checking repetitive patterns that could be improved, or for comparing performance to that of professional interpreters.

According to the faculty’s academic director - Dr Araceli Alonso - " Codimg first contacted UNEATLANTICO after discovering the department was launching a Debating Society . They proposed we test the tool in this context and send them our feedback on certain features."

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"The experience was very positive and Codimg helped us generate added value to the analysis we made of each group,"
adds Alonso. Both professors consider that the tool has a bright future and that it could be used in other degrees  at UNEATLANTICO , where public communication is essential.

According to Dr Alonso: "When we organized the debate league, one of the requests of partaking students was to review the videos we were recording themselves - to verify errors and detect critical points within the debate. This software allows us to show them visually what aspects they need to improve, such as visual contact with the audience or body position."

The possibility to easily review actions was another aspect highlighted by the director: " Codimg allows immediate analysis and also helps us obtain feedback from students, so they can continue to improve their oral communication" .

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UNEATLANTICO students receive training on the use of Codimg

Codimg  makes it easy to mark the most relevant moments within an analysis, using customized parameters adapted to individual requirements, making it possible to review a wide variety of situations.

Having the ability to show specific moments within a video makes for dynamic presentations, rather than having to watch entire videos. Students in the study have improved performance and accelerated their own learning process after each session of the Debating League.

Two of the original group - Alba González Calleja and Natalia Serrate Fernández - studying Translation and Interpretation , went on to receive further support and successfully used Codimg during the research process of their final degree projects.

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" Codimg  can contribute to the analysis of the interpretations of students, but also to investigate interactions in public, medical, police or legal settings", concludes Castillo. 

Last modified on22 Feb 2019
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