Answer these questions and we will show you which one of our programs suits your needs and preferences!

What is your level of video analysis?





How many variables or aspects will you analyze?


Less than 50

More than 50

Not sure

How many different videos will you need in your summary or final video?


I will use just one video

I will need more than one different video

Not sure

Would you need more than one video angle in your analysis?


No, it is not necessary. Just one video angle is enough.

Yes, I will compare two video angles to see which one is better for each clip

Sure. I will use between 2 and 4 videos angles in my analysis

Not sure

Do you need a search engine to find actions with detail?


No, I don't think so.

Yes, I do. I want my software to have a search engine to find actions with detail

Not sure

Which data do you want to stream to other devices?


I would like to stream just visual stats

I would like to stream video clips, drawing and stats

Not sure

Do you want to review your analysis in real-time?


No, I will only review my analysis at a later stage.

Yes, it would be really helpful to review actions in real-time.

Not sure

According to your answers, the software we will recommend you would be...

Why we recommend us Codimg Lite?

More info

Why we recommend us Codimg Advanced?

More info


Why we recommend us Codimg Advanced Unlimited?

More info

Why we recommend us Codimg Premium?

More info

Sorry, we cannot help you! Visit our page of products for know the main features our programs.

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