Button template: first step to carry out a good analysis

To carry out a good analysis, you will first have to considerwhat things you need to analyse. Of course, there will be some items, elements or situations to review. You must create a button for each one of them in the template (you will have a maximum of 50 buttons). There are two kinds of buttons: primary level (categories) and secondary level (descriptors). Descriptors are used to describe categories for a more specific analysis. You can combine them for a more specific analysis.

Create a customised template


Work in real time or from file

'Register' an event means to click the buttons (with items) you create in the template as they occur. Codimg will be collecting your clicks in a database we call'My analysis'. Users will be able to register events in real time (a live capture) or from a video file.

Add text notes

Supplement registers with extra information by adding text notes to the actions youare clicking. By doing so, you can count on more options to document specific actions. This information can be consulted at a later stage.



Slow or fast motion playback

Set the playback speed to your needs. You can rewind or play your videos frame by frame, slow motion, or fast forward up to x6.

Most normal video formats used

A wide range of playback formats can be used (AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, MPG, MOD, M2V, MTS, M2TS, MP4, FLV, MKV, M4V or TS).

“Jump” options in playback

Users will be able to customise up to three different options of “jump” times to move forward and backwards along the video with different key combinations.



Software compatible with AverMedia and BlackMagic

AverMedia & BlackMagic compatible

Codimg is compatible with these capture device. They can be connected between your camera and computer to allow real time work.

IP capture with Codimg Software

IP Capture

Users will be able to capture video for their analysis through IP cameras, receiving data via a computer network and the Internet.

Capture the computer Screen

Capture the computer screen

Use footage being shown in the screen of your computer as capture for analysis. For instance, a live streaming from the Internet.



Timeline to edit all the registered actions

Once you have ended clicking, Codimg will provide you with a timeline clearly showing what occurred in an event. All the recorded actions can be easily adjusted and reviewed. The timeline provides a working environment which optimises the time spent on analysis, so you can easily lengthen or shorten actions, delete, duplicate, change information, add new categories (rows), change names and more. The timeline is the most important tool for working with your recorded actions.

Edit video in the timeline
Compare up to 8 actions

Compare up to 8 actions

Compare up to 8 different video clips from the timeline simultaneously. You can also draw onto these comparisons.

Insert and save images or drawings in the video

Insert & save images/drawings in the video

Add drawings to your registers, either made by you or from imported drawings.

Print or export reports to MS Excel® or PDF

Print or export reports to MS Excel® or PDF

You can export in two formats: registers ordered chronologically or ordered by category with totals of information included in XLS or PDF formats.

All data in one view with The Matrix Tool

The Codimg Matrix allows you to see the numerical relationship between items in just one view. By clicking on the numbers, you will watch the related video clips from the selection.

All data in one view


Create presentations easily

Select highlights of your 'analysis' to share them with others, by organising them into lists according to your criteria. You can show your presentations both from the software or by producing a video with your analysis.

Create presentations easily


Most normal formats to export

Videos can be exported with Codimg including a wide range of formats (MP4, MPEG, AVI or Pre-set).

1080p full HD production

Export your videos in different qualities to a maximum of 1080p full HD (but also others like 720p, 960h and 480p).

Insert text in video

Insert text in videos

Text can be added into videos showing notes previously inserted during observation.

Chapter markers in exported MP4 videos

Chapter markers in exported MP4 videos

Chapter markers let users quickly jump to certain points -start of marked registers- in the exported MP4 video.



Powerful data visualisation in dashboards

Create up to 2 dashboards with charts & labels showing powerful visual statistics from registered data.

Powerful data visualisation in dashboards
Consult your dashboards in real time

Real time dashboards

Consult your dashboards in real time to see the evolution of data during an event.

Interactive dashboards

Interactive dashboards

By clicking on the charts or labels, you will watch the related video clips from the selection.



Stream live dashboards

Share dashboards with other staff members in real time via streaming. Data can be received on other computers, tablets or smartphones.

Share dashboards with other staff members in real time


Quickly merge videos from same source

If you have the video of your event divided into different parts, you can quickly merge them into one file.

 This software uses libraries from the FFmpeg project under the LGPL version 2.1 and its source can be downloaded here
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