Create or import templates from other Codimg software

Users can create a template or import a template from the Codimg software (Lite, Advanced or Premium) with buttons for each item or element to be analysed via email or iTunes.

Buttons are inserted in a template. There are two kinds of buttons: a primary level (categories) and a secondary level (descriptors). Descriptors are used to describe categories for a more specific analysis.

Crea o importa plantillas de otros programas Codimg


Register actions on your iPhone or iPad

iPhone/iPad app to tag live while filming

Mark important moments on your videos by clicking buttons on your iPhone/iPad screen. Video will be capture in .mov. You can review actions without stopping capture.



Review all your clicks in a matrix

Data matrix allows review of all your clicks in just one view.

You can access to this matrix during registering (option not available if you are streaming) or when the analysis has ended.

Revisa todos los clics desde la matriz de datos


Comparte tu análisis en tiempo real con otros dispositivos

Streaming online with other devices

Stream video with other connected devices or with your Codimg software as far as they are in the same local network. Video can be stored on your iPhone/iPad, in the receiving device or in both.



Export video and analysis to other devices

You can transfer video captured and the analysis to a Codimg software in the same local network (this option is only available when sending video and analysis together) or you can send your analysis via email with Codimg format or as an XML format. This last format can be opened in other timeline based software such as Vosaic StudioCode.

Envía tu video y análisis a otros dispositivos.
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