Buttons Template
Unlimited templates yes yes yes
Create buttons with different shapes yes yes yes
Exclusion property between buttons in manual mode yes yes yes
100% customisable template 50 Buttons Unlimited Unlimited
Independent descriptor windows no 1 Unlimited
Advanced graphical descriptors no no yes
Panel flows for templates no no yes
Multiple activation & deactivation links no no yes
Review and edit actions registered in real time without leaving capture no no yes
Registering Actions
Action registering in real time during capture yes yes yes
Video angles viewable during registering 1 1 4
Registering actions without video source no yes yes
Review and edit actions registered in real time without leaving capture no no yes
Video angles selected in playback (during registering) no no yes
Register data wirelessly in real time from Codimg Tag no no yes
Video Playback
Most normal video formats used yes yes yes
Frame by frame playback, slow motion, fast forward x6 and fullscreen mode yes yes yes
Video Capture
AverMedia & BlackMagic compatible yes yes yes
Computer screen video capture no yes yes
Delayed video feed no no yes
Open multiple tabs of databases from different videos in the timeline 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Open multiple tabs of databases for the same video in the timeline 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Compare up to 8 actions yes yes yes
Video angles viewable in timeline 1 2 4
Insert & save images/drawings in the video yes yes yes
Search for clips in multiple videos no no yes
Notes or descriptors search no no yes
Data Matrix
Data matrix (categories / descriptors) yes yes yes
Multiple matrix no yes yes
Custom matrix no no yes
Dynamic matrix (review based on time periods) no no yes
Submatrix (matrix from another matrix) and save structure no no yes
Unlimited actions lists yes yes yes
Create and edit covers for presentations yes yes yes
Add external audio file yes yes yes
Import presentations (.PRE files) no yes yes
Registers from different videos at once no yes yes
Import PowerPoint slides no no yes
Video production
Most normal formats to export yes yes yes
1080p full HD production yes yes yes
Chapter markers in exported MP4 videos yes yes yes
Angles showing in exported videos 1 2 4
Dashboard Tool
Dashboards 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Interactive dashboards yes yes yes
Real time sharing Dashboards Dashboards Dashboards & videos
Open different tabs of dashboards no no yes
Dashboard with multiple analysis no no yes
Apply calculations to items no no yes
Live Review
Stream live dashboards 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Stream dashboard history yes yes yes
Stream video play by play no no yes
Custom remote playlist no no yes
Extra Features
Import database (XML) from timeline based programs yes yes yes
Quickly merge videos from same source yes yes yes
Quickly merge videos and databases of periods yes yes yes
Import StudioCode timelines (STpkg) no yes yes
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