First steps

What is Codimg for?

By clicking on the following link you will be able to watch an amusing video that will explain in less than three minutes what Codimg software is for:

Do I need previous knowledge?

Not at all. Any person who wants it will be able to handle the software in a few minutes.

How long does it take to use Codimg software?

This will depend to a great extent on the Codimg version you will be using. However, basic usage will take just a few minutes. With time, experience and habit you will be able to utilise multiple detailed analysis options from all the products we offer you.

What are the minimum requirements to use the software on my computer?


  • - RAM Memory: 4GB
  • - Processor: Intel© Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or similar
  • - Video memory: 256MB dedicated memory (not shared with general RAM)
  • - Screen resolution: 1366 x 768
  • - All Windows updates. more info
  • - Last version .NET Framework. more info

Operating system:

  • The software currently runs in Windows 8, 8.1, 7 and Vista (all versions for 32 or 64 bits).

Codimg cannot be installed directly onto Mac OS.

In case you need to run Codimg on your Mac OS, it is necessary to previously install an emulation software, such as: Virtual Box© or tools with commercial license as: VM Ware Fusion©, Parallel Desktop© or Boot Camp© (this last software is already included in Mac OS X from Leopard v10.5). Once the emulation tool is installed, it is necessary to install Windows (preferably Windows 7 or 8) and then install Codimg on the Windows side.

More info here.

Do I need a license number to use a demo version?

No, you don’t need one. A demo version is downloaded from our website (Codimg Lite and Codimg Advanced) or under request (Premium) to our team at . Once the demo is installed, you will be able to use it for 30 days.


Can I trial the software?

If you want to test the software you can download a full version valid for 30 days. To perform this, click the “Download” menu in the home page of this site.

Has the demo version got any limitations?

A demo version works like the final license software. The only difference is that the demo version has a 30-day duration from the first use and exported videos contain a watermark.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to run the software?

No, you just need to be connected to the Internet to activate/deactivate the license number. This process takes 5 seconds.

What should I do in case I cannot download or install correctly the software?

Contact us by email () or phone (+34) 928 363 816.

Can a demo version be used in two different computers?

Yes, you can install the software in as many computers as you want. In all cases, they will only run for 30 days from the moment of the first run.

Can I install the software both in a PC and a laptop?

Yes, you can. Codimg software can be installed in as many computers as you wish. But the usage will be restricted to the amount of licenses you have purchased. For instance, if you have just one license, you will only be able to work in one computer each time. To commute between computers, you need to deactivate first one license and then activate it in the other computer. It is a very simple task that will take some seconds and you will only need Internet connection. Once the license has been activated, you will not need Internet connection anymore to work with the software. It is only mandatory for the activation/deactivation process.

Working with Codimg

Does the software run with high definition (HD) videos?

Yes, it does. High definition videos can be run on Codimg with up to 1920x1080 resolution. Correct playback of HD videos depends directly on the hardware of your machine (microprocessor, video memory…). It also depends on the video codecs previously installed on your computer. Take a look at the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for your computer to utilise full Codimg use. Click here

Can I make 16:9 videos with Codimg?

Yes, you can make videos with 16:9 format with .mpeg and high quality .mp4 (1280x720 resolution) extension files.

Do I need a video camera to use the software?

No, you don’t need one. A demo version is downloaded from our website (Codimg Lite and Codimg Advanced) or under request (Premium) to our team at . Once the demo is installed, you will be able to use it for 30 days.

Is it possible to have two templates open at the same time?

No. Two templates cannot be opened at the same time. However, users are able to open independent descriptor windows or graphic descriptors associated to the main template. With the "Advanced" program, users will be able to add one independent descriptor window to their template. In "Premium", unlimited descriptor windows and graphic descriptors are available.

Is it possible to insert a freeze frame in the video so it stops for some seconds and then the video continues playing? Can a video be subtitled?

Yes, both options are possible in Codimg. If you want to insert frames, you can do it within the timeline and presentations environments by clicking the drawing tool. You can also decide how much time that freeze frame is going to appear for. Furthermore, you can draw onto a frame and write text over it so it either always plays (add from the timeline) or is in your exported movie (using the presentation window).

I have recorded an event but have multiple files because I stopped filming in time-outs and breaks. Is there any way to work with these files together? So rather than analysing each file, I could analyse them all together and create one timeline?

We recommend you to merge different video files and convert them into one file before registering. You can do this with Codimg programs: In main menu, tab "Tools" you will be able to merge only the video files, or merge the files and their corresponding analysis..

Alternatively, you could analyse each file separately then add registers from each timeline into a Presentation window. This workflow is possible from Codimg Advanced as it allows you to work with up to five videos in timeline and presentations. Codimg Premium allow you to work with unlimited videos in these environments.

If I register an action as an incorrect category, can I change it in the timeline at a later stage?

Yes, you can. You must select the register to be moved, keep the Control key pressed, then drag and drop it into the correct category row.

Is it possible to save drawings from a picture (frame) to work with them outside Codimg?

Yes, it is. Every drawing can be saved in the database (so it is inserted into the video sequence) or as a JPG file on your computer. Select the icon marked in red in the following images to save it as a JPG file.

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