Video Analysis in Medical Simulation at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands

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02 Mar 2021 11 minute read

Duncan Ritchie Media Team


Mar, 2021

Based in the town of La Laguna in Tenerife, the Hospital Universitario de Canarias (HUC) provides public healthcare and specialist surgical care for residents of Tenerife and the wider Canary Islands.


With 2,534 professionals employed there, 655 beds, 110 outpatient clinics and 14 surgical theatres, the hospital is one of the largest in the Canary Islands covering everything from renal transplants to treatment of eating disorders.


It was also the first hospital in the Canary islands to be designated a University Hospital, dedicated to medical care, undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research. 


Obviously, a hospital such as this thrives on innovation and that is were Codimg comes into the picture.


Video Analysis in Advanced Clinical Simulation


codimg video analysis pablo jorge cardiologist


Pablo Jorge is a Cardiologist and Advanced Clinical Simulation Instructor at HUC. Mr. Jorge recently spoke to us about his teaching work and the practical uses of Codimg at the hospital.


According to Mr. Jorge, Codimg is mainly used in the fields of medicine and healthcare, mostly in the Simulation Lab, and complements the work of the instructor, especially in debriefings, where it facilitates reflective personal analysis.


Mr. Jorge told us a bit about the process of using video analysis at HUC and, while it may be a similar process in simulation labs around the world, Codimg is adaptable and fully customisable to any medical needs.


That being said, let’s concentrate on HUC for the moment.



Codimg: What Is It For?

Ok, for the uninitiated let’s begin with an overview of what Codimg is and what it does.


Basically, Codimg is software which allows you to observe and film a situation, be that a medical simulation, classroom activity or team training activity, and highlight important moments for easy recall at a later time.


This is done by using a predetermined set of evaluation criteria placed on a button template. Throughout the scenario, the observer will click these buttons, either on a laptop or iPad, and “tag” important moments, placing them in a database for future or real-time analysis.


This interactive database can be used to provide a real, objective analysis of an individual or team performance, allowing for meaningful feedback and learning.


This may sound more complicated than it actually is. Take a look at the following video for a quick explanation:



Decide the Objectives of Video Analysis


codimg video analysis workshops in simulation lab


According to Mr. Jorge, the first step in using video analysis will be to determine what the medical staff want to see from the students during a medical simulation. This may include both technical and non-technical aspects of the scenario that is being practiced.


This will usually be decided in workshop and brainstorming sessions between all members of the faculty where they will come to an agreement about what they want to include in their evaluation in order to give maximum learning and reflection opportunities for students.


Putting pen to paper before the program is even opened is an important step in the process and means that subsequent steps will be more fluid.


The fact that Codimg is so versatile means that there can be separate evaluation templates created for different students in different disciplines. These templates can be easily adapted for individual students too.


Create Simulation Button Template and "Tag" the Video


codimg button template medical simulation


After the evaluation criteria have been determined, it’s time to create the button template which will be used to tag the video.


This can be done quickly and efficiently through Codimg’s intuitive interface. This video will show just how quick and easy they are to create:



The template will contain both Categories (main actions, e.g.Check Background, Evaluate Pain Levels) and Descriptors (a description of how the action is done, e.g. good, bad).


For example, if one of the criteria is that the student must remember to check the patients background before administering any treatment, you can click:


Check Background > Bad


This action will be placed in a database and can be easily recalled in the debriefing sessions to show the student that they forgot this step and that they need to improve this in future.


Quick, easy, reliable feedback that is 100% objective.


The Dashboard, Drawings and Presentations: Practical and Visual


codimg video analysis clinical simulation dashboard


Another part of Codimg that Mr. Jorge highlighted when he spoke to us was the Interactive Dashboard.


Basically, this is a visual representation of the data you have collected whilst tagging your video. Eye catching charts, graphs and data labels can be linked to your button template in order to display data in real-time. They can display a percentage of actions, degree of comprehension and the number of skills to be revised.


Here’s a quick explanation of the Codimg Dashboard:



Again, Dashboards are extremely useful for debriefing sessions, allowing the tutor to reveal the data to the student in a manner which is pleasingly visual and extremely practical.


As are Presentations…



At Codimg, a Presentation is a video that is produced showing all the actions you want to highlight to the student. The process of creating these highlights videos is extremely fast when compared to using non-specialist video editing software.


Compile a list of clips that you want to share and click “Produce Video” and it’s that easy.


This is extremely useful for sharing your analysis through email or sites such as DropBox or (developed specifically to be used with Codimg software). It means that debriefing can be started whilst not face-to-face with the student and they can download and review the footage as many times as they like.


If you add drawings to these video presentations, either using the included basic illustration tool or integrating KlipDraw, then things become even more clear. Drawing tools allow you to annotate still frames of your videos to highlight actions to the student.


You can also add audio notes for even further clarification.




medical simulation debriefing codimg


At the end of the day, Codimg is the ideal tool for evaluating medical simulation. It is intuitive, lightweight and non-intrusive. Students also enjoy working with Codimg and tutors have a fast, effective evaluation tool that gets straight to the heart of the areas where students need to improve.


As Mr. Jorge says, “The power to analyse and reflect on actions taken in the safe environment of the simulation lab is a fundamental tool in overcoming the culture of error.


“At the end of the day, it can enforce good practice, improve our work and help us do things in a different way”.


We would like to thank Mr. Jorge for taking the time out of his busy schedule to talk about the use of Codimg at HUC. 


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all healthcare workers for their hard work and dedication of the last year through the COVID-19 pandemic.


video analysis template covid 19


For any health care centres involved in the fight against the virus, we would like to offer the temporary use of our software, completely free of charge. This offer includes a 3-month licence for the software and a button template we’ve created, alongside healthcare professionals, specifically for the monitoring of airways in patients infected with COVID-19.


For more information, please contact us through for more information.


In the meantime, thanks for reading. 

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